Cornstalk LLC

Replicas of grain storage bins

A Relative Mix Studio

Acrylic paintings - tress and landscapes - some fluid art


Animal inspired artware


Suncatchers made from recycled glass

Pete Rose Productions

Nature & Travel Photography

Photo Letter Project

Photo Letter Art - Photos taken by a group of seven of us that look like letters, that are then aligned to spell various words

Dinosaur Greenhouse

Watercolor Painting Kits for kids and adults. Kits contain templates on watercolor paper, watercolor paint, color samples, and a paintbrush.

Pysanky-Ukrainian Eggs

Pysanky-Ukrainian Eggs, free-hand drawn on eggs using beeswax.

Mousework Glass

Handblown glass

Aspire Artisan Studios & Folk School

Handmade, homemade, nature made products hand crafted by local artisans.

Tina Hsiao Art

Cards, paintings, drawings of Minnesota Birds and parrots

Betsy Hsiao

Original Prints, mostly woodcuts. Subject matter is Minnesota nature. I also offer some tshirts, greeting cards and gifts.

JJ Norman Artwork

Nordic Scandavian Art, Antlers, Folk Art, Original Illustrations, Greeting Cards, Gemstone Sinew Handmade Bracelets and Necklaces.


Repurposed & upcycled Minnesota themed signs, baby onesies, home decor.

Just Me Gerlyn & Glass

Fused glass plates and platters.

Dragons Wynd

Insect Outreach and Education tools and materials

Divine Decoupage

Double sided decoupage on glass

Lewis Creek Photography

Photography prints and gifts, natural dyed fabric